Reading books is being increasingly replaced by other options of more active entertainment, as consoles or mobile games, and that is something that Amazon wants to solve by putting their bit in the world.

Amazon just introduced the Kindle Reading Fund , a program that claim to help make books more accessible in different communities around the world. Kindle electronic readers on it, tablets and electronic books for reading initiative and to be donated, and for that feature several initial programs described on its website:

- Worldreader : They Collaborate with Worldreader donating Kindle devices. This is an organization that aims to increase the number of readers on the planet. In just six years have gotten 4 million people worldwide have access to a library of books in various categories. 

- Schools and local libraries: Thousands of readers Kindle and tablets to schools and libraries around the world will donate. 

- Hospitals and non-profit organizations: They have already donated devices and books to several institutions, mainly in Seattle. 

- PTA: Collaborate with the organization PTA to help introduce the world of reading within the family environment.

It is not a simple project, because the temptation to leave a book to go find a Pokémon is very high, but they all have to work together to prevent the book world in a few decades become less.