Now its easy to create chatbots with Rebotify . A task that is now not necessary to hire an expert or write a line of code, because there are specific tools that allow you to develop your own bot in a simple way.

Rebotify , a platform that will allow you to do it for Facebook, WeChat and Slack, and also for any web. But let 's see how it works .

Thus, it is a totally free product and whose operation, as mentioned, does not involve any difficulty. To start using it enough that you click the button that appears at the beginning of your website and which reads "create your chat bot now, it's free". Then we check in- that can be done through Facebook and Google, beyond the introduction of your personal - data.

It will thereafter when we come into our own menu and we can start to create a single go. Indeed, because although it is compatible with various applications, it is possible to develop once from start to finish. The first thing we will do is give it a name. Then we get to the dashboard, where we find detailed instructions to follow.

In the same panel we can add different units , relate to each other, including keywords, links that point to a particular place and add buttons, "test" the end result, set certain responses, include specific images, and so on . Try to discover their full potential.

The tool , which, incidentally, is still under-proofing works with flowcharts , so that the process is very visual. It also integrates a provision of analytics that allow us to learn the behaviors and interaction of our users with the objective that we improve and adapt accordingly.

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