When we talk about softwares to manage our email , Gmail is one of the best email client, but there are other alternatives that can help us improve the way we work with email everyday.

One of those is the Notion AI , android and iOS app that uses artificial intelligence to know what is really important and what should be prioritized in our list. It is able to choose the messages that need answers based on our response time to that specific person. 

Notion AI as well as display more data in the contact section of each company or individual, such as response times, connection strength , important issues, etc.

Notion AI adapts to the use of each person, and empties the input box irrelevant emails without deleting them. It highlights the connection graph generation and social graphs and obtaining data that help define how we use email, how to retrieve notifications or visualize the content. You can also search for messages that need to answer.

Stay tuned with us as we will continue to track closely, what if it is successful and will end up being acquired by Google to implement its intelligence on the Gmail-Inbox.

Check out its website for App to Download Notion AI