As you know, usually i speak about different tools that can be used online for productivity but today this tool is used for security purpose .

Digital Attack Map, a comprehensive map to view real - time DDoS attacks taking place worldwide.

In general, the operation of the tool is most simple and intuitive. You can access the link that is at the end of the article where you will see a world map on which are represented with lines DDoS attacks between different countries. As you can see in the screenshot illustrating in this article, it is a way simple to check where they come most global attacks separated by days.

Of course, Digital Attack Map allows us to see the attacks that take place on a particular day. To do this, slide the timeline at the bottom of the Map. And if we want to know more information about each specific attack, you just have to move the cursor on a specific line of DDoS attack.

We can not deny that it is a tool most useful, especially if you are interested in Internet security.

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