Ruggie is a alarm created by a Canadian startup It has the shape and feel of a small carpet and you need to step on to turn it off.

"Five minutes more"  That is the one phrase that we say every morning when the sound of the alarm on your phone or alarm clock rings. These three words can also be the culprits that end up arriving late and wrong to any important appointment , or worse, we end up making us inadvertently to sleep after turning off the alarm clock.

Ruggie is a curious new proposal clock created by a Canadian startup that is trying to finance and promote on Kickstarter . It has the shape and feel of a small carpet , and when it starts to sound the only way to do that is turned off will we rise from the bed and stand on it.

Ruggie is created with shaped memory foam pad it provides a soft touch and has a size of 39.37 x 59.69 centimeters . In the upper corner it includes a digital clock whose light goes off after 20 seconds to prevent disturb us at night, and the sound of your alarm so we can customize to our liking.

Once the alarm starts ringing will not be enough to touch the touch panel base, and to force us to really get up will need to support us for three seconds to turn off. Once off the alarm, the alarm will try to convince us to get up with motivational phrases that can also be customized.

A campaign on Kickstarter Ruggie still missing 51 days to reach its end, but it has already achieved 128,000 Canadian dollars surpassing its goal of 50,000. If you want to get one you should know that the delivery is scheduled for September , and that the price of the cheapest pack is 110 Canadian dollars, which come to be just over 71 euros.

Source | Kickstarter