ILovePDF is a web application that allows us to create PDF documents online as well as perform other tasks conversion and modification on them.

What makes this site so outstanding is that it consists of a set of tools that make it easy to work with PDF documents you want to convert or want to convert PDF to other formats.

One of the first tools that stands out is "PDF Merge" (= merge PDF). As its name suggests, with this option we can combine, merge two or more PDF files.

"PDF Split" does the reverse of the previous work. In this case it divides, separates, a PDF document into as many parts as you want.

"Compress PDF" serve to compress a PDF file may shrink or weight, just keeping the best quality viewing the final document.

If you usually use MS Word to create your documents, it will help use the "Word to PDF" option, to convert a DOC file, or PDF DOCX one.

There are two other options that relate to the MS Office suite. The "PowerPoint to PDF" tool passes the PPT and PPTX files to PDF format. And the "Excel to PDF" tool does the same with XLS and XLSX files to PDF.

The last two tools for converting PDF files to and from are "PDF to JPG" and "JPG to PDF". These are obvious, convert PDF files between formats JPG and vice versa.

Recently they added 4 new tools. One of them allows you to add page numbers to PDF documents, they had no numbers. The good news is that we can establish where the numbers appear and format.

"Watermark" is the utility to add a watermark to the PDF, in order to protect our property. This allows us to choose between using an image or text.

The "Unlock PDF" application is designed to enable us remove the security password of the PDF file.

And the last tool in this suite is "PDF Rotate". With it we can rotate the content of the pages that make up the document, in order to give guidance we need. It is very useful for those times when you receive a file not found 'the right'.

The wide variety of tools that have ILovePDF , make it a suite for working with PDF documents online for all levels of users.

Link :- ILovePDF