eBay believe that innovation and significant experience of Expertmaker will allow it to develop a better product catalog for the customers.

eBay wants to remain the sales platform more relevant and powerful for consumers, currently having more than 900 million products sold since its platform, all inventory that wants to organize better to offer a better user experience by facilitating the discovery most relevant for consumers own products.

To do this, from eBay they have the initiative structured data, which today receives an important boost by the acquisition of Expertmaker, Sweden-based company specializing in based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and analysis of large volumes solutions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As the operation is complete, Expertmaker employees will be part of the structured product data and technology eBay, where the founder and CEO of Expertmaker, hard Lars, joins as team manager. By way of context, Expertmaker is a member of eBay since 2010, where he is helping eBay recently with the aforementioned initiative.

Otherwise how could both companies share the benefits of the acquisition, which from eBay believe that innovation and significant experience Expertmaker allowed to develop a better product catalog that can take clients, noting that its technology, experience and engineers play an important role in advancing the initiative of structured eBay data, while from Expertmaker feel happy to join the team of eBay offering capabilities artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization technology on a large scale to the aforementioned initiative.