We know many options are on the Internet that allow us to create music, but none of them can compare in originality, with BlokDust .

BlokDust is an application that allows us to drag blocks to put them together, LEGO style, to create rhythms and different sounds. Among the blocks we have tones, effects and power cells and input devices that help improve the interaction with components.

Each block can be dragged and modified to its internal configuration variables, and running completely vary depending on where we put in the global assembly. You can create, for example, a custom keyboard, generating different sounds for each key, as specified tone can go through echoes and various effects before appearing on the speakers.

BlokDust is an open source project created by a group of friends who spent several Sundays to do something different. In guide.blokdust.com there are tutorials and examples of what can be done, and its main web there is a small tour of 8 steps that helps to understand the enormous potential of the project.

Website Link :- BlokDust