In today's world student life is much easier due to the advancing in technology, since there are hundreds of apps for students to help you cope with the tasks of everyday life. So Here are the list of apps useful for students.

1. GoConqr


GoConqr The app lets you view and share slides, Mapping, Memory Chips, Notes and Online Tests created with the web version of GoConqr so that you can review your content from anywhere. It never has been easier to keep up with your studies and share resources with your colleagues. Nexo between students and teachers

The service is quite similar to what it was before with the ability to create your own notes, a mental image which connect topics or information, create cards for things that should be memorized, store questions and answers and more. These notes can be created can also be arranged for the community to make them public or keep them private if so desired.

Download android :- GoConqr

Download iOS :- GoConqr