Warner announced that the Justice League was in their plans for the coming years and that there would be two films, projects are provisionally titled Justice League - Part I and Justice League - Part II.

Warner announced that 'The Justice League' was in their plans for the coming years and that there would be two films, projects are provisionally titled 'Justice League - Part I' and 'Justice League - Part II'. Since then there have been rumors, as is happening with 'Star Wars VIII' , but now, with filming already started, has finally solved the mystery: the first film is simply titled 'Justice League' .

This was stated on Twitter by Geoff Johns , and makes sense, is the first film starring the superhero team Warner and DC, still no need to complicate it with a caption. For example, in Marvel they chose to 'The Avengers' the first time. The rumors pointed that the other options were shuffled 'Justice League: United',  'Justice League: Angels & Demons' 'Justice League: Gods Among Us'  and  'Justice League: Gods Among Men'.

It is recalled that Johns has just been elected co - director of DC Films , the new division of Warner oversees adaptations of comics to the big screen, an organizational management with the study aims to correct errors of the past (ie,'Batman v Superman ' ) and follow the model of Marvel comics expert with someone in charge. And I find it very striking that Zack Snyder is not the director of 'Justice League', who publicly announce the title. 

In fact, Snyder said this in March :

"Right now, the working title is Justice League. Actually, I'm at that stage where I draw logos, and have been drawing possible titles and things like that to try to figure out what it means, what the JLA, visually is, so now see if the name evolves with this visual presentation ".

 Justice League is planned to release on 17 November 2017.