Marvel Captain America: Civil War has managed to raise about 200.2 million dollars worldwide since Wednesday.

The film Marvel Captain America: Civil War ' has managed to raise about 200.2 million dollars worldwide since Wednesday, this is a similar figure to that achieved in ' Avengers: The Age of Ultron 'during the same season. Moreover, according to data provided by The Hollywood Reporter , 'Civil War' has exceeded revenue to 'The Age of Ultron' in some countries such as Mexico, where they raised 20.6 million, Brazil with $ 12, 3 million and the Philippines with 7.5 million.

One factor that must be taken into account when considering whether this amount is sufficient or not, is that despite the large quantity obtained, the film has only been released in 63 percent of countries in which it is thought to project as China, Russia, Italy, Argentina and the United States premiere the film next week. These countries have a large population and a rule always contribute large amounts to the profits made by a movie.

If you keep this opening figure then, the film that closes the trilogy of Captain America could break records collection.