Captain America: Civil War raised 181.79 million ,ie the third best opening of Marvel after the two parts of the Avengers and the fifth - best opening ever in the North American country .

There was much anticipation to know the box-office figures for 'Captain America: Civil War' in its first weekend in the US and here they are. It has vandalized, as expected. it raised 181.79 million , ie, the third best opening of Marvel after the two parts of the Avengers and the fifth - best opening ever in the North American country .

The film directed by Joe and Anthony Russo keeps the streak of successes on Marvel at the box office America, since they started with 'Iron Man' (2008) to produce adaptations of his comics, all premieres have achieved the No. 1. On the other hand, they can also celebrate another victory over his main rival because 'Civil War' has exceeded the premiere of 'Batman v Superman' , which made ​​166 million at the end of March.