Rogue Male the popular work of Geoffrey Household will serve inspiration for a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch .The star of Doctor Strange will be responsible for leading this production of Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Much can come to complain about excess remakes in Hollywood, but the truth is that there is a new phenomenon. The point is that the most common were once new adaptations of novels that had been made ​​into films before, that will be what happens now with 'Rogue Male ' , as the popular work of Geoffrey Household will serve inspiration for a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch .

'Rogue Male' tells the story of a hunter who tries to end the life of a dictator, but fails, being caught, tortured and left for dead . However, he manages to escape, but then be subject to relentless persecution by both agents of the dictator and the police. Household wrote the novel in 1939 with Adolph Hitler as a clear reference and it became a bestseller.

The original novel has already brought to the big screen in 1941 by the hand of Fritz Lang in Man Hunt. In addition, in 1976 also it enjoyed a television adaptation starring Peter O'Toole . This time will be the star of 'Doctor Strange' responsible for leading this production of Fox Searchlight Pictures . For now it is unknown who will accompany the cast with Cumberbatch.

What we do know is that the script will be handled by Michael Lesslie , author of the librettos of 'Macbeth' and the upcoming 'Assassin's Creed' . I was not very satisfied with his work in the first , but we hope that in 'Rogue Male' it will be good movie.

Source :- Hollywood Reporter