World of Tanks estimate that in 2019 will have sold about 69 million PlayStation 4 worldwide, for 39 million Xbox One.

Using the data supplied by several consultants such as IDG Consulting, Superdada and IHS, the creators of World of Tanks estimate that in 2019 will have sold about 69 million PlayStation 4 worldwide, for 39 million Xbox One .

The information comes from one of the lectures given on the occasion of the last Game Developers Conference, where the creative director of wargaming also confirmed that at present they have sold about 36 million PS4, compared to 19 million Xbox One.

Data are not far from those offered by Sony earlier this year, already estimated at that time had sold about 36 million consoles PlayStation 4. EA also announced that Xbox One was close to 20 million, although in a few months Microsoft no longer offers concrete data selling their console, so you can not contrast with official information.


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