Apple Introduced the new 4-inch iPhone which is the iPhone SE with the latest hardware specifications Thus, those who want to enjoy a smaller phone can continue with most current hardware.

As we had been aiming months, Apple finally introduced in the keynote today the expected iPhone SE , an updated iPhone 4 inches. Thus, those who want to enjoy a smaller phone can continue with most current hardware.

The new iPhone  has the latest processor A9 64-bit  and the  co processor M9 , the same as were used in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. This will offer 2 times faster CPU speed and up to 3 GPU when compared to the iPhone 5s. Speed ​​Wi-Fi and LTE also will be improved, allowing us a much faster navigation. The battery will last approximately 13 hours duration.

Another thing that stays the same is the iPhone 6S camera, both with a sensor of  12 megapixels and video recording at 4K (3840 x 2160 resolution). The new iSight camera features Pixel Focus technology, which allows you to focus better and faster. In addition, the processor will get pictures with less noise and improve facial recognition. Live will also feature photos, so that we can save images revealing moments just before and after taking the picture, so users can save an instant "live".

But if something will be missed in this new iPhone that will be the 3D Touch. Apple has decided to dispense with this function in this model, but will support Apple Pay , the tool that allows us to make payments with a simple touch.

The new iPhone will be released next March 31. It will be available in four colors: gold, rose gold, silver and space gray. Prices will range from $ 399 for the 16GB model , to $ 499 64GB model .


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