It is increasingly common to see electric vehicles sophisticated, intelligent resources, sensors, devices that transform normal electric vehicles .Today we will talk about two more portable electric vehicles, both now available online:



Fastwheel is a famous brand of electric unicycles already are selling for months in several markets. Highlights its small size 308 mm in diameter at the wheel and weight about 9 kilos with battery, circular speeds 18 km / h offering a range of 12-30 km, depending on the model allowing.

Hold a maximum weight of 120 kg, and has a power engine of 450W. Battery Lithium, and has a, the Fastwheel OS 1.0 operating system itself. Its recharge time also varies depending on the model, which is 60 minutes more modest. and is available only in limited countries.

Visit their Official Website Fastwheel for more info.



For lovers skateboard, electric version allows for just over $ 1,000, circular speed of 32 km / h in different models. It has a weight of 7.0 kg, 83 mm wheels, battery to run for 16 km may include larger batteries to reach the 60 km milage, but greatly will increases the weight.

The speed can vary greatly, it is indeed possible light walks 2 km / h, and requires less balance than the previous device, but its price is really a difficult limit to get.

Visit their Official Website metro-board for more info


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