Craig Wright, a computer scientist and Australian businessman who claims to be the father of cryptocurrency, and declares that he can prove smoothly.

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin remained unknown, after all the hype caused by Satoshi Nakamoto. Now comes to light Craig Wright, a computer scientist and Australian businessman who claims to be the father of crypto-currency, and declares that he can prove smoothly.

In December last year and his name with the creation of Bitcoin related. Wired and Gizmodo announced that he was the true Satoshi Nakamoto, and Australian police came to search his home . At the time, authorities searched his home Sydney claiming that it was a "tax individual matter" , something that did not seem to convince anyone.

Now Wright has decided to tell all on the BBC, GQ and The Economist. He says that does not seek publicity , because it simply wants to tell the truth by choice, not a forced way (as had happened five months ago). He says he wants " to work and keep doing your life , " and notes that he is not looking for fame or adoration.

In these interviews ensures that chose this nickname Satoshi Nakamoto in honor of Tominaga Nakamoto , philosopher and seventeenth -century merchant argued for free trade. As for "Satoshi" did not want to reveal his source, "some things must remain secret."

Anyway, there are still many doubts about the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin. The BBC claims to have technical evidence supporting its history, and other people have helped Craig to perform this task . Apparently, Wright had managed to a mass a fortune of bitcoins, coming to have a net worth of about $ 450 million.


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