The singer is delighted with the romantic relationship she has with her DJ boyfriend.

Taylor Swift (26) knows what it is to be under the continuous media spotlight, so she likes to keep her relationship with Calvin Harris (32) "low key", though no doubt she brags about how wonderful those times when they are together.

I accept things as they are coming. I'm in a magical relationship at this time. And of course, want it to be ours, locked ... this is all I have booked my personal life , "says Taylor in the US edition of Vogue magazine.

Before being with Harris, the singer kept brief romance with Harry Styles (22), Taylor Lautner (24) and Jake Gyllenhaal (35), and all of them appeared in the press, which led Taylor to be alone for more than two years .

With my early twenties I dated a normal number of guys, and I was completely crushed by it. It touched me and changed my thinking. I did not go out with anyone for two and a half years. I should have done that? No , "says the singer.

Taylor has learned to measure the damaging comments people about her and her famous group of friends and believe that the best way to dispel a rumor is completely ignoring and showing that it is false.

"Some people say very hurtful things about me, so I've learned to measure them in plan: 'This is like a medium-low level of harmful. There are very easy ways to dispel the rumors. If they say they're pregnant, all you have to do is follow without being pregnant and not having a baby. If the rumors say that your friendship is false, all you have to do is be there for each other. And when in 15 years we remain friends and we raise our children together, maybe someone take a look back and say, 'It was a little ridiculous what we said about Taylor and her friends, "says the pop star.


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