Minecraft version for Wii U will update free from next May 17 with an interesting update called Super Mario Mash-Up Pack.

Minecraft version for Wii U will update free from next May 17 with an interesting update called Super Mario Mash-Up Pack sure you will love it to fans of Super Mario. In the update, exclusively for Minecraft: Wii U Edition thanks to the collaboration of Mojang and Microsoft with Nintendo, users will find 40 themed skins of Super Mario as well as 15 new music tracks and various textures.

Thus, Wii U will feature an attractive option for this year especially for those users who have this console and are fans of Minecraft and Super Mario, considering that throughout this year will not launch expected many games for that console, especially because already begun the countdown for the launch of the console that happen, the NX, scheduled for next March.

Minecraft, launched in 2011, although its alpha version was released two years ago, currently has 70 million copies sold globally for different platforms, being present in both Windows, Linux and Mac as well as on different consoles desktop, on various mobile operating systems, as well as an issue for Wii U and another for Raspberry Pi. This allows it to be one of the world's most popular games.


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