Follow the expectation for devices that seek to steal the attention in the CES 2016 (to be held next week), also includes a Samsung smart refrigerator with giant touch screen.
The Verge

The South Korean company had shown in previous editions of the popular event and consumer technology, however, only until 2016 it could be more practical and useful thanks to strong advances now available, including voice controls, more layers of security to keep protected personal information and Tizen operating system.

Sure, the Internet of Things will remain the main thing because ideally be able to connect all household devices together to enjoy a more natural interaction experience, so no wonder that already shown in billboards is an interface more family occupying the giant screen of the refrigerator. Yes, it is more likely that Android Tizen not, is the chosen operating system.

As for specifics, as noted in The Verge which have shared more pictures of ads, is also likely to be presented the evolution of features to make shopping lists, read news, managing a music player, create reminders, check the quantity Grocery and expiration dates, buy directly what is lacking, with some payment method referenced as  Groceries by MasterCard - and handle everything with voice controls.


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