The big question that most players is done on No Man's Sky is what is there to actually do in the game ? we have a new video shows IGN where you own Murray, Dualshock 4 in hand, shows 21 minutes of gameplay Check it out:

The video can draw some things we already knew and related to help us understand a little better what kind of game is 'No Man's Sky': You'll be able to explore, fight, survive and trade. It is a survival space in the form of game open world. And no, no load times. At the beginning of the adventure each player will appear in a different corner of the universe. The odds of two players cross or fall on the same planet during the game are virtually. When you land on a planet you are the first to walk on , so the main thing is exploration. There are relics texts in different languages aliens which, when scanned, will enable you to learn languages. Something quite useful for trade and forge good relations with the various intelligent races. You will have to gather resources Different planets have different materials and in fact the game has its own periodic table.This task is a big part of the game , since these materials can be combined to make objects or create technologies.

The terrain of the planets can be modified thanks to what can access areas that in principle are not accessible, such as caves underground. no minimap because really no prior information about each planet. Everything is generated in real time when you visit and you who is discovering.

You can also scan the creatures and name them as, like the planet, you discover them. 99.9% of the planets in 'No Man's Sky' will never be visited by anyone. on planets also find buildings. They interiors, all generated in real time, and each fulfills its own function. For example bases or factories where you can find plans to make objects. And they can be inhabited. You will have the option to record starting in these rules and if there NPCs you can talk to them to improve your relationship with the different races. 

These alien races are necessary because you will sell new ships and weapons. The ideal is to maintain good relations with them, but it's up to you. The ultimate goal is to reach the center of the universe. How you do it is up to you. 

Remember, 'No Man's Sky' goes on sale next June 22 on PC and PS4.


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