Mirror's Edge Catalyst have finally confirmed the day will come to test the closed beta that opportunity and will be from April 22 until the 26th of this month.

Electronic Arts has just confirmed that its promising Mirror's Edge Catalyst begin its closed beta testing phase April 22. It will last five days, until April 26, and will allow those lucky with a code to enjoy several main story Faith missions , some secondary tasks, as well as other optional content and features of its social mode access.

"Like any beta", explained from the team at DICE, "the experience will not be the same as the final product. The Closed Beta gives us the opportunity to gather your valuable feedback and test the social mode and functions online before the launch , "they continue. "We know that as members of the community, will have invaluable opinions about the game, so we're eager to see your comments and reactions when you start the Closed Beta."

Players who were registered at the time and are selected will receive in your email an access code on 22 April. "The others chosen for the Closed Beta will receive their code on April 23", warn developers.


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