Electronic Arts and DICE have announced the delay of Mirror's Edge Catalyst . Luckily we will not have to wait long. We'll have to wait till June 9.

As we had informed before that the Mirror's Edge Catalyst will release its closed beta this week but we have a Bad news. Electronic Arts and DICE have announced the delay of Mirror's Edge Catalyst . Luckily we will not have to wait long. We'll have to wait till June 9. The reasons of delay are as follows:

"As you know, they are about to open the doors of the game to participants in Closed Beta. One of the main features of the Beta and full game is the social mode.

Confronting races designed by DICE, create your own tests of time, climb the ladder by markers and connect with your friends runners are some of the characteristics of the social way by which we are more excited. and they want to go without failure.

To support the characteristics of the social way, they are using a new online technology. they also want to make sure they have the opportunity and time to respond to comments of players in Closed Beta. 

let's give ourselves a little more time to perfect the game, changing the release date of Mirror's Edge Catalyst to 9 June. We are convinced that these two additional weeks will ensure that the game is as amazing as possible for the players.


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