Morgan, her older brother said that Mariah Carey has never visited her sister in the hospital.

Morgan, the elder brother of singer Mariah Carey, the singer called "wicked witch" for refusing to pay for medical treatment of one of her sisters dying.

According to "Daily Mail", which returns information "The Sun on Sunday", Morgan believes that Mariah has no heart to not financially support her sister Alison suffering from HIV in brain surgery and spine.

"Your sister is dying and struggling, where are you? You think you're fabulous, but you're a witch, "said Morgan about Mariah, who has an estimated fortune of $ 520 million and is committed to billionaire James Packer.

Last year Alison, a former prostitute, suffered an incident in Hawaii which was recovered, but still requires surgery.

Morgan said that Mariah has never visited her sister in the hospital and said the singer spends more on dog food than what she would pay for Alison had proper care.

The brother of Mariah had been the talk ago when he said he feared that something serious will happen to the singer, because he said she never sees sober as it became Drinker since 2001, after some mental problems she faced and also said Carey afraid to end up like Whitney Houston.


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