This training mode allows to test the skills of heroes in a controlled environment.

Riot Games has confirmed that it has begun to develop a training tool for successful League of Legends , with which novices and veterans a like will opportunity to test the skills of the heroes in a controlled environment.

"Our initial approach with a practice tool is going to be low-scope, simple, and straightforward—close to a punching bag and weights for practicing execution", commented the authors of this popular game. "Everyone from aspiring Bronze, should find utility in a training mode alone in which to practice the mechanical and movement around the map".

At the moment, they confirm, that they do not think to adapt multiplayer. "When we launch the first version, pay special attention to whether we have forgotten something needed to improve solo". The intention at the end, continue from Riot Games, it is that players can train more efficiently "without having to wait five minutes each time you want to practice a basic skill".

Within this new practice tool, players will find the following features:

1. infinite gold.

2. Reset your Cooldowns.

3. Lock your level.

4. Freeze minion spawns.


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