At the Golden Globes, she took the Best Actress in a TV Series trophy and the momentum of the good news, announced the arrival of its newest album.

According to her, in an interview at the Golden Globes backstage, the successor disc "ARTPOP" will be released in 2016. The catch is that, at least for now, the Mother Monster plan is that the release is one surprise.

"You know, I will release an album this year. But I will not tell you when, "said the singer. Gaga has said that the idea is to make the album "less about your pain" and more about "her legacy on earth."

"There will be a bit of pain in my album, of course, but it will be more than that. My last record was loaded with a ton of pain. The entire disc. It's almost as if you could not grasp on what it is. Now 'American Horror Story' gives me a place to drain these things, so when I get to the piano since I am in a deeper place. I have something else to explore, "gave Lady Gaga.

Even in 2016, it competes to Grammy for the song "Til it Happens to You", made in partnership with Diane Warren for the documentary "The Hunting Ground".


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