The sister of the model believes that although the couple did not want to define their relationship, is itself having romantic dates

The popular Khloe Kardashian is not sure if the singer Harry Styles and her sister Kendall Jenner considered 'boyfriends', but what is sure of is that they have to be more than friends as they come together a lot.

"Do I think they are dating? Yes. I do not know if as boyfriend and girlfriend. Right now I do not know. People are very quirky with their stories. So I do not know how to call it. But in San Bartolome have been dating, so to me that's going out with someone , "Khloe told ET.

It was during this stay in San Bartolome, where they were spotted enjoying a luxury yacht with some friends, where rumors that Harry and Kendall had retaken the love that brought them together in 2013 and were born.

Moreover, some people says that now that their commitments to One Direction have ended the band found rest period, the British would be trying to recover the model.

"Now that there is a small rest and vacation, is he who is trying to get back with her, and seems to be working . All his friends were commenting on how beautiful and amazing it was [in the Victoria's Secret], "she recently told an informant to Us Weekly.

However, Kendall prefers not to rush because she is afraid to suffer for love.

"Kendall does not want to get hurt, so is acting with caution. She knows what it's all about, "she explained a source close to ET.


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