The rapper agreed that a reporter take him in his truck when the taxi he had requested doesn't show up.

Kanye West decided to put aside his troubled relationship with photographers when he accepted one of them to take him in his car after the paparazzi requested when his Uber application does not appear to pick him up at the doors of his gym in Los angels.

Kanye appears in the video of x17online site looking for the car that would take him to his personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, while asking: " Where is the black sedan? " Before telling the paparazzi: " Wait a minute . I go Uber everywhere ".

At this, the cameraman who was filming the rapper offered immediately to take him where he want.

I do not need Uber. Simply I have the paparazzi to take me wherever I go! I'll go with you then.Come on , come on ! "Joked the artist accepting the proposal.

The singer sat in the passenger seat before kindly ask another reporter who was sitting in the backseat him to stop recording while making a quick phone call.

This is not the first time that Kanye has problems with Uber, he almost missed on watching the film of Sacha Baron Cohen 'Grimsby' last week after the driver went to a wrong direction.

"Unfortunately Kanye took him to the wrong address. His Uber left him in the wrong direction and ended up sitting on the street for half an hour , " said Sacha E! News recently.


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