A networking expert has revealed that Canadian singer videos have the most negative comments and complaints received on Youtube

Anthony House, a senior Google, parent company of the most commonly used video platform in the world, said in a statement to parliament that the US video more complaints and negative comments received by users is one of Justin Bieber .

And not because the video contains explicit scenes or violence, but because " people just do not like ," said the employee of Google.

The networking expert used the example of the Canadian singer to explain how the complaints system YouTube content, which operates Internet users can report a video that is inappropriate, violent or very explicit, however, often they use this route to express rejection of something you do not like ... like Justin Bieber , for example.

House, also said the videos are not automatically deleted denounced by the system, but would not be clips of Justin Bieber in the social network . "If a video does not violates our guidelines, no amount of complaints will disappear, and the video will remain on the site," he added.

Google executive did not disclose the exact video that makes Justin Bieber the most hated YouTube nor disclosed the number of complaints it receives daily.

And it is true that the most hated is no doubt that it is also one of the most followed artists. Without going any further, the music video for her latest single, "Sorry" features more than 768,518,039 million hits on this platform.


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