The singer got nostalgic while he chose to slap with white glove and upload photos with loved ones.

Where there was fire ashes remain and it seems that despite its rupture and subsequent relationships, Justin Bieber does not forget Selena Gomez for more than try.

But he already seems to have given back to that page of his life, or at least publicly on social networks.

It all began when the Canadian singer posted an old photograph while they were kissing each other. And that was enough to cause a great  and comments from netizens who asked to resume its relationship with the singer after their separation in 2014.

"Feels" was the only message Justin wrote.

But curiously, Selena posted two pictures at the same time showing she is embracing two different people. The first is her father sitting next to her giving her a big hug, inside an airplane; and the second is strongly embracing one of her fans.

"We've waited our whole life for this," she wrote in this second and most recent publication in its active accounts in social networks.

So it seems that these two have very different priorities in mind and media after a tumultuous relationship. Despite attempts Bieber back to win the love of Selena with demonstrations of affection as a serenade gave last year in a public place or she does not look as ready as she to return to his arms.


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