The decision was due to the lack of jurisdiction and failure to prove the charges.

After a major court battle, the war between Kesha and Dr. Luke finally seems to have come to an end, but not favorably to the singer. Judge of the Supreme Court of New York Shirley Kornreich decided in favor of him, which had been accused by Kesha of sexual abuse and psychological terrorism. According to the final opinion, they lacked evidence in order to convict Dr. Luke.

"All rape is not a hate crime motivated by sex," wrote the judge, who also said that the facts presented to the court are not sufficient to confirm that Dr. Luke abused Kesha and took advantage of the fact she was a woman.

Also according to Shirley, the "insults about her value as an artist, appearance and weight are insufficient, outrageous and intolerable to be extreme conduct in civilized society." For the judge, the rape charge should be based on abusive remarks and threats made over a period of ten years.

The only charge that could be valid Kesha is the physical suffering on a flight in 2008, but the judge noted that the case already prescribed. As nothing is bad enough that it can not get worse, it also eliminated any possibility of future claim and removes the possibility of a new reopening the process


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