Solo of the One Direction singer is in rapper sight, "Can I make it work with the greatest artists and producers," Jay Z said.

The break from One Direction not very please the fans, but a promising partnership can be born from there: Harry Styles and Jay Z.

In an interview with British newspaper "Daily Star Sunday," the rapper said that he can greatly help the singer's career. "I can make him the greatest artist in the world in a year," said the businessman.

The US even has the recipe to make it happen. "I can make it work with the greatest artists and producers," he said.

The fact solo career is in Harry Styles plans. In late December, the British registered the rights to four new songs composed by him: "Already Home", "Coconut", "Endlessly" and "5378 Miles". He has not yet confirmed, but fans believe that these songs will be the first of his adventure without the One Direction.

Jay Z, the singer must undergo a transitional phase. "He does not need help in terms of exposure, everyone knows who he is," he said. "What he needs is to make the transition from being part of a group to become an individual artist," he said.

While Harry Styles thinks of his solo career, the One Direction moves on pause indefinitely.


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