Today we see sports has become a large area where the players have the chance of getting hit on the head and the normal helmet cannot protect concussion injuries. but HITTPG has brought a solution to us.

HITTPG is a Protection Shield for the Sportsman who will like to be on a safe side and safeguard the injuries to the head during the play. as HITTPG stands for High Impact Transfer Technology Protective Gear.

It was invented by Dan Krevsky from Tampa,florida who has a vision of decreasing the number of impacts that takes place in a year. Here is a small statistics on number of estimated head injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2009.

Cycling – 85,389
Football – 46,948
Baseball & Softball – 38.394
Water Sports – 28,716
PoweredRecreational Vehicles – 26,606
Scooters – 23,114
Winter Sports – 16,948
Horseback Riding – 14,466
Hockey – 8,145
Other Unspecified Ball Sports – 6,883
Rugby/Lacrosse – 5,794
Roller & Inline Skating –3,320
Ice Skating – 4,608 

As we see the numbers of head injuries incidents are high as an American University research suggests that the actual helmets don’t provide the necessary safety and energy dissipation. But HITTPG has a great solution for us by decreasing the amount of impact by 80%.

The Technology used behind this protection shield is "non-Newtonian dilatant fluid" the fluid is a shock absorber. It will absorb and dissipate energy so there is no impact directly to the head. 

Also it another important feature is that it can be used in any helmet a sportsman helmet or normal helmets. so anyone who needs protection for their head can buy this product and place it in their helmet and can be tension free of the impact caused.

HITTPG costs around $99.99 and is now available in all over florida. and in future HITTPG is planning to ship the product worldwide. You can visit their website to buy the product.


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