The singer will attend a camp aboard a ship without many amenities to prepare for his role in the film Dunkirk.

Before they start shooting the movie 'Dunkirk' on the evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk (France) during World War II, the lead singer of One Direction Harry Styles have to go to a naval camp with the rest of the cast to get used to the harsh conditions of life aboard a ship.

"Harry is accustomed to a life of luxury, so this will be a very interesting experience for him. He is aware that training camp at sea is a very important part of work and willing to go through it. But it will be tough, and producers are doing everything possible to ensure that life aboard the ship as realistic as possible, "a source told The Sun.

Harry and the rest of his cast mates have to get used to subsist on food rations and will not have access to the outside world, since in the boat no mobile phones or computers are allowed . The aim of these measures is that the cast get to understand the harsh conditions endured by Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk in June 1940.

Although the singer is very excited at the prospect of getting to the orders of Christopher Nolan in 'Dunkirk' with Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance, he plans to move forward with his career as a singer.

"Harry has gone straight to the top. 'Dunkirk' will be a great success. He was asked to audition for the role, which is quite important, and Christopher was very impressed. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate his talent as an actor and start to reach out offers for big movies. But music remains part of his plans and would like to go ahead with both , "a source recently claimed the same medium.


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