Now we can transmit from your GoPro HERO 4 directly to Periscope app in our iPhone.

We saw people put their phones in adventures situations: curbs on drones, tied to balloons and submerged. Creativity always finds a way and wanted to do something more simple things. From now on, they can transmit from your GoPro HERO 4 directly to Periscope app in your iPhone ". So abstracted from GoPro integration with Periscope, the video application Twitter that a few days ago allows the video are directly from the network.

The function is available only from iPhones 5S on, but users can view broadcasts GoPro from any platform, such as Android or computers. Twitter works to expand the service to other systems, although there is still no estimated date for the function reach other platforms. All the user has to do is install the application from GoPro on your iPhone and synchronize the camera with a mobile phone.

When you open Periscope, will be available on the screen button to select the camera from GoPro , which will be recognized. Users will be able to toggle between transmitting your iPhone to your GoPro directly from the screen, even after being in direct, as easily as changing front and rear cameras. Periscope also offer the ability to lock the screen the iPhone during the transmission, allowing the user to continue using the GoPro if you put your phone safely in your pocket for action and sports activities. GoPro continue with the ability to record video locally on high-quality memory card for the Relay Periscope. Thus, athletes and enthusiasts will not have to worry about saving your video and edit them later.


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