In August 2010, Oracle Corporation sued Google for alleged copyright violation. Yesterday, a jury of 10 people returned a verdict in favor of Google.

In January 2010, Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems, the computer company that developed the Java platform in the early 90. In November 2007, Google released the software development kit for Android, which included some of the Java SE API . Both companies had discussed the idea of an association, but never reached an agreement.  In August 2010, Oracle Corporation sued Google for alleged copyright violation.

Two years after the lawsuit was filed, in May 2012, the jury decided that Google did not infringe Oracle's patents. The judge declared that the structure of Java APIs that Google uses was not subject to copyright. Oracle appealed looking to receive 8.8 billion dollars in damages, and the second trial began on May 9.

Yesterday, a jury of 10 people returned a verdict in favor of Google.

"At the end of the third day of deliberation, the jury found that the use of Google in the declared code and the structure, sequence and organization of Java APIs in Android code was fair use."

Oracle is expected to return to appeal the jury's decision, extending the six-year struggle even more.


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