Google launches a new feature Nearby basically provide users with notifications about applications or websites available for areas in the they are.

As part of the update of Google Play Services, Google just put at the disposal of the devices under Android 4.4 onwards a new feature called Nearby basically provide users with notifications about applications or websites available for areas in the they are.

Thus, if they are in a museum they may receive notification of the existence of an application for a virtual tour, whether they are on board a plane, you can receive a notice about the existence of an application entertainment options, or even if they are in a kiosk, you can scan the bar code of each product to know the selling price as well as social views on it from the web, among many other possibilities.

Google also points to other existing possibilities, including the ability to print photos directly from the phone in CVS Pharmacy or exploring historical monuments of the University of Notre Dame.

To use Nearby, in addition to Android devices from version 4.4 onwards, users must enable the Bluetooth options as the location to receive notifications of application availability and specific websites. if users are not be interested at any given time, they should just slide the notification and it will be gone.

The owners of places that want to make use of this new form of discovery and interaction, can have the necessary information through the Google developer blog


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