Octopus Tree has announced that Goliath , The game Whalebox Studio, will be adding to the catalog of Steam on May 12 at a price of $ 19.99.

Octopus Tree has announced that Goliath , The game Whalebox Studio, will be adding to the catalog of Steam on May 12 at a price of $ 19.99.

It will be an action adventure in a open with RPG elements and world collection of objects with which we can create and customize our own Goliath's.

We'll have to go getting weapons to be progressing in our struggle for survival, but with the peculiarity that when the time comes , we can make Goliath's, giant robotic suits that will help us defend ourselves from the monsters that threaten our existence.

"Many of us have grown up playing with toy robots, imagining that we controlled , " said Jeremy Zoss, director of advertising Octopus Tree. " Goliath offers that experience, as players can customize and full control these mechanical giants with four - player cooperative mode in full battle for world domination."


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