The Facebook reached fourth of the top companies listed on Wall Street and outperformed Exxon Mobil. The first four companies are most valuable technology companies.

Facebook managed to become an essential element in the lives of people. Today, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is used by millions of people, with 1.590 million active users per month registered last year.

The company said its earnings increased by 25.5%, ie US $ 3,690 million , Facebook outperformed the known oil Exxon Mobil , which was in fourth place in most listed firms in the world.

The social network for excellence climbed 2.5% after presenting its shares in Wall Street financial results for the last quarter of 2015. With this, the market value exceeded US $ 325 million, a maximum price of USD 114.77 per share , while oil fell by 2.5% and closed its value at US $ 320 million during the day.

Moreover, the company headed by Zuckerberg became the fourth largest technology firm with trading on Wall Street . First is Apple , followed by Alphabet  then Google and Microsoft .

With this, the four largest listed companies on Wall Street are technology firms and leading the S & P 500, one of the major stock indices in the United States. If you meet expectations, Alphabet  could exceed the manufacturer of the iPhone as the most valuable company world bag. The apple company takes three years at the top.

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 and takes less than four years of operating on the campus of New York thanks to advertising revenue. The firm itself confirmed that 80% of their income for that category in 2015 came from mobile phones since 1.440 million users accessed the social network from your cell phone during the year.


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