Now you can play Diablo II from Starcraft II. This project, is called The Curse of Tirstram: Drestruction's End and aims to recreate, full, the campaign Diablo II inside Starcraft II.

After releasing the first of three series of Starcraft II , Blizzard decided to equip its strategy game with one of the most complete tools for modders we can see today in any video game for PC .

With these tools, the community has created countless maps, mods and campaigns that have served to improve and increase even further the duration of the game, even moving the entire campaign of Starcraft original to Starcraft II engine.

However, the modder egod123 wanted to go farther and is preparing his own project, called The Curse of Tirstram: Drestruction's End and aims to recreate, full, the campaign Diablo II inside Starcraft II.

The mod will have its first alpha phase during this summer and, although it is free, egod123 has launched a fundraising campaign through the platform Patreon in order to have money to improve the project.

This mod comes shortly after Blizzard has updated Diablo II to be playable on most modern computers.


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