Police have not found sufficient evidence to proceed with the investigation prompted by a complaint of Liziane Gutierrez

Earlier this month Liziane Gutierrez  said that Chris Brown had beaten her in the face during a party in Las Vegas, but the police have decided to close the case because there is insufficient evidence that this has been really well , reports TMZ.

Chris has always denied the facts and affirmed that the alleged victim was just angry because he did not let her into the party.

The woman said that the singer had punched her in the right eye that had slipped her phone into the private party that Chris was giving in his suite at the Palms Hotel.

However, the representative reported that Liziane, who did not seek medical help and contacted police hours after leaving the party- had been expelled from the celebration to "out of control". And while waiting for security members to bring him from his cell he suffered a "nervous breakdown" which was reflected in the security cameras of the hotel, forcing the security establishment to accompany off campus.

Last summer, Liziane became angry at not being able to access Jason Derulo party. She later said that the artist had meant that women who themselves had entered did "bad things" , but their allegations were not true at that time.


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