"I'm so sick and tired of negative people trying to use me and defame" the singer said in a post on Instagram that erased shortly after

After the singer Chris Brown has been accused by his former partner Nia Guzman , who want increased maintenance of $ 2,500 to almost $ 16,000 a month- to cause asthma to their daughter, Royalty (1), when he smoked heavily when the kid was with him, the artist has used Instagram to emphasize that he stopped a month ago and no one smokes around the child.

"It's totally false. I left the snuff in the New Year. No smoking near my daughter. It is obviously an invention to get more revenue . I took care of my daughter and would never put her in a situation that would harm", he wrote in a post and deleted after in Instagram.

Chris wanted to deny the accusations since it considers that the first thing you have in mind is the welfare of his daughter .

"I'm so sick and tired of negative people trying to use me and defame. All these annoying nonsense, everyone knows what it does. My daughter is my pride and joy and not play with me because my lifestyle is different from the other people involved. This has to stop, "he added.

In the documents that have brought to asks Chris to hire a nanny or restrict their visits to Royalty, but Chris does not think he need help.

"My daughter is the youngest of its kind and the most advanced. My mother and I have assured us that my daughter is constantly learning and being creative, plus they look after her security , " he said on his post.

Anyway, Chris prefers not to continue fueling the conflict.

"No I'm going to answer all the negative things, so I just say God bless anyone who is going to use me wrong and you need to improve your life if I fulfill my duties as a father," he said.


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