The singer plans to resume her concerts in Las Vegas next February 23 to meet the desire of the late Rene Angelil

Although the singer Celine Dion is devastated by the death of her husband, Rene Angelil, Thursday January 14, it plans to return as soon as possible a series of concerts in Las Vegas after his funeral, to be held at the Notre-Dame Montreal in the coming weeks.

Celine's return to Las Vegas is scheduled for Feb. 23, as her husband would have wanted.

"That's what René would have wanted. He wanted her to continue to act and to return to work. He was the one who best knew, probably still know that what she needed was to act, "she said a source told People.

In the last weeks of life of René, Celine was the one who took care of her husband, from whom she didn't leave at any time.

"Some days I could still get out of bed and walk across the room and play with the children. Other days he was too tired. Celine did not travel anywhere I wanted to be by her side 24 hours in case something happens , "she added.


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