Recently, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US (SEC), Alibaba announced that it has become the world's largest retailer.

However, until the present time, Alibaba has not yet announced the financial results for the fiscal year ended last March. All information about Walmart has passed since the Corporation on file claims filed with the SEC.

According to statistics from Walmart, the total revenue of the company in fiscal year 2016 it reached USD 482.1 billion, while on 21/3, Alibaba has established a record 3,000 billion yuan (equivalent to 476 billion USD). With 10 days remaining in March, Alibaba can fully overcome 482.1 billion milestone recognized by Walmart, in the past, the company also established a record turnover of 12 billion in one day last year. With a distance of 6 billion, Alibaba ready for a coup for the first time rose to become the largest retailer in the world.

According to the assessment of experts, after the end of the fiscal year, Alibaba can earn 489.4 billion US dollars, higher than the 7.3 billion compared with revenue of Walmart has just announced a few days ago. The unexpected success Alibaba shows that the Chinese market is moving away from traditional shopping to online shopping. Besides, this is also the largest retail market in the world today.


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