The singer has managed to add a juicy fortune which placed her in this privilege.

Adele has become the richest British singer in history, with a fortune estimated at 85 million pounds (106 million euros), according to a ranking published today by the newspaper "The Sunday Times".

The singer of "Hello" has added 35 million pounds (43.75 million euros) to the list last year, placing it at No. 30 among the stars of pop and rock UK and Ireland with bulkier current accounts.

"No woman who is both increasing their profits as Adele. Is outpacing even young male performers , "said Ian Coxon, who has published the list in the last two decades.

Only three women appear in the first fifty positions of the ranking, headed by Paul McCartney, who accumulates a joint fortune with his wife, Nancy Shevell, valued at 760 million pounds (950 million euros).

The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood- have a combined fortune of 630 million pounds (814 million euros) and are ahead of the Irish U2, in third place with 500 million pounds (625 millions of euros).

The fourth in the ranking is Elton John, who owns 280 million pounds (350 million euros) and, according to published "The Sunday Times" this week, last year spent 26.8 million pounds (33.5 million euros) to charity, particularly their foundations to fight AIDS.

The ranking of the British newspaper also includes the widow of Beatle George Harrison, Olivia, and son Dhani, with a family fortune of 220 million pounds (275 million euros) and the widow of David Bowie, Iman Abdulmajid, and the son of singer Duncan Jones, who own 90 million pounds (112 million euros). 


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