While some use technology to improve communication between people, others are dedicated to think of ways to eliminate discrete humanity. So it has been throughout the history of human beings on planet Earth, and will remain so for a long time.

In recent years we have out several models of weapons coming out of 3D printers made with plastic that can not be detected by traditional systems, creating a risk at airports and other areas with metal detectors. Now the idea of ​​camouflaging weapons overshoots. A company called Ideal Conceal Minnesota has created a gun that can be transformed with a mobile.

It is a .380 caliber weapon that appears when you open "mobile" shape as seen in the image above. To close the trigger is completely hidden, back to the form smartphone.

The gun is still in development, it will not be mass produced, but they already have a release date: on June this year will be available for $ 395. They have already received more than 2,500 emails with interested customers, and on its website have already opened the form to continue receiving orders.

Source :- techworm.net


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