A penguin with backpack walking on streets in japan to get to eat his fish and walks back home and leaves with a family in japan even though the hot weather conditions he lives with them.

This is something you do not see every day. In Japan (obviously), there is a penguin who lives with a family as normal, appearing to be a dog, cat or other pet most common. To make matters worse, he has been trained to go walking alone, with his little bag, to the fish store.

This is Lala, a penguin who was rescued by a fisherman , having been caught in a fishing net. The family lives in Shibushi, where he helped to recover, leading to build him a room fully equipped to temperature.

If history is really fascinating and, what is truly amazing is that Lala is once a week walking to the fish store. his human friends will place his small backpack, and the animal walks happy to buy his dinner.


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