Google is no longer a simple search engine and jumped into multiple sectors to become a leading company in the world of technology and is implementing innovative projects . Here is the list of innovative projects of Google.

1. Project Loon

Many of us see the Internet as a global community. But the reality is that two thirds of the world population still do not have Internet access. The Loon Project consists of a network of balloons that travel over the border with outer space. It is designed to connect people living in remote or rural areas to reach areas with poor coverage and so that people can regain Internet after a disaster. 

Project Loon balloons floating in the stratosphere and exceed twice the height of the aircraft and weather.In the stratosphere, there are many wind layers, each layer varies in direction and speed. The Loon balloons ascend or descend to the layer of wind blowing in the desired direction of travel to get where they need. By partnering with telecommunications companies to share the cellular spectrum, we allow people to connect to the network the globe directly from their phones and other LTE-enabled devices. The signal passes through the network of the globe and return to the global Internet on Earth.


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